Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here is my latest Ribbon Sculpture. I'd been wanting to make this one for a long time now. Finally got the motivation to do it :) She was inspired by Punky who wants to grow her hair long long long, just like Rapunzel.


Stephanie said...

You are amazing! I will definately be making an order if my attempts fail!

Do you just come up with these ideas on your own? Do you see them somewhere? Wow!

Punky N Munky said...

Thank you Stephanie!! Most I come up with on my own. I originally started with inspiration from someone else who made a Cinderella. I made my own version with help from another artist. From there I've made the rest on my own. Actually Punky is often my inspiration, she'll say, "Mommy can you make...?" I pride myself in coming up with my own original designs, such as the Ballerina, Pocahontas, Villainesses, Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Little Red, and more that I can't think of off the top of my head. And most recently the Gymnast and Rapunzel. Not sure if I've posted pictures of them all here on the blog, and I don't have them all on Etsy. I also have several other designs just waiting to be completed too :)

I am also in the process of making more ebooks to add to the few I have in my store ;)

I'm glad you like them!

ThePeachTree said...

How cute is that!?!