Friday, February 6, 2009

From Hair Bows Wonder World!

One of the fabulous prizes I won in an Etsy challenge was from a very talented and super lovely Etsy seller, Hair Bows Wonder World. She makes the most realistic beautiful roses and flowers out of ribbon! This is me wearing the yellow rose I won! I tucked the end of the pin after I took the picture!

Taking a look through her shop I am always amazed at the work she can do! She has recently branched out into making flowers and accessories for weddings! Here are just a few, you really need to check out her shop if you plan on getting married anytime soon! She has other accessories not just for weddings too, so check it out even if you aren't planning a wedding! You won't be disappointed!

I hope this one is available when my husband and I renew our wedding vows on a tropical island somewhere on our 10 year anniversary (that's the dream anyway!)

This one is just so delicate and beautiful!

How elegant!
I can't believe these are all made from ribbon!
Just takes my breath away!
Thank you Lynn! I love my rose!


Anonymous said...

Her flowers are just amazing! So realistic! Beautiful work!

Hair Bows Wonderworld said...

Thank you so much for featuring my shop :-). I am so glad you like your rose bobby - Love the picture, your hair's gorgeus!

A said...

I have purchased from Lynn, her work is amazing! Very nice easy to work with a very talented artist.


obviousfront said...

Wow work, thanks for the link

A said...
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