Saturday, March 7, 2009

New! Adjustable No Slip Ribbon Headbands!!!

New in the punkynmunky etsy shop! Adustable no slip headbands! I am in love with how simple and elegant these look in the hair.

They are made from grosgrain ribbon with the ends sealed to prevent fraying. To prevent slipping out of the hair they have been treated on the inside with silicone. I sent my model here to school with one in her hair fully expecting to find it in her backpack when she came home. Nope, still in her hair!

Each one has a toggle to adjust the size of the headband to fit many different sizes! I use approximately 29" of ribbon which fits my 5year olds head as well as my big ole head!

So many different colors to choose from, this is just a sample of colors! I have more and I can even order other colors if I don't have what you want!

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