Monday, March 31, 2008

An Etsy Purchase

I've been meaning to post about this forever, but kept forgetting to get a picture!! I have been forever wanting a key fob like that one. I researched a bit and found where I could purchase the supplies to make my own. But after thinking about it, I just wasn't interested in making them. So I searched to buy one. I had a hard time finding one with purple (my favorite color). Etsy had just started the Alchemy section so I thought I'd make a request of one. I got a lot of bids. It was kind of a confusing process, and I'm not sure I'd go through it again unless I REALLY wanted an item I could not find. But anyway, I got a bid from another bow maker at MyRibbonFix. She already had one in her shop that I had missed during my searches. So I bought it, and I LOVE it!!! She also has the most adorable ribbon wands!

My overall experience with Alchemy was a good one, but I think next time I will just use the "request a custom item" feature in a sellers shop. If I ever do it, I'll let you know how it works out!

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