Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Featured Seller

I am so excited to feature my first Etsy Seller!! I've been admiring Deb's work for awhile now on a website I like to visit and was very excited to see her open up shop on Etsy! Generations Tie Dye is the name of her shop, and can be found here. I would like to introduce her to you through a short interview I had with her. Take a look at her shop for more fabulous items too! Hope you enjoy!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a musician and music teacher by trade, taught instrumental music in public schools literally until I was in labor with my first, and now I'm a "professional mom" of two energetic girls. I also teach preschool music classes a couple mornings a week and clarinet lessons at home and occasionally volunteer in my older daughter's school.

2. How did you come up with the name of your shop?
I'd been asked to start teaching Music Together in a nearby town and I began filling out an application and needed a name for my Music Together business, and "Generations" is the name I came up with for it. Turns out that I never heard back from the people who wanted me to teach the class, but I liked the name better than anything else I'd come up with for my tie-dye business, so rather than let the name go to waste, here it is on Etsy.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop?
I go back and forth on a "favorite;" sometimes it's "MaterniTEE," sometimes it's anything pink, sometimes it's some of my older things like "Desert Sun" or something different like "Re Dress." I sort of wish I could mix up the order of things in the shop depending on my mood.

4. What’s the first item you remember tie dying?
I remember doing some cute baby stuff for friends who were having babies a few years back. It was kind of fun playing with different colors and designs.

5. What is your inspiration?
I'd have to say that the majority of what passes for inspiration is actually an insane creative drive. Whenever I see plain white cotton clothes my mind automatically starts wondering how to get this or that color combination or pattern, and now I'm playing with denim.

6. What future plans do you have for Generation Tie Dye?
Right now I'm just waiting to see where it takes me and planning to go from there. I just finished a custom order and getting started on another one or two, so that might be one direction to go. I'm also hoping at some point to combine tie-dyeing with clothing recycling and actually use dyed clothes or fabric to make completely new garments or decorating accessories like curtains, pillows, bed linens - sheets and pillowcases - or quilts. Ask me again in 6 months and see where it's gone and where it's headed - might be an entirely different answer by then. :-)

To see Deb's creations, visit

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