Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off Topic ~ Do YOU know CPR?

I just had one of the biggest scares in my life tonight!! My husband, our 2 kids, and I went out to dinner. We were happily eating our appetizer when I looked over at Punky (almost 5yo) and she had a strange look on her face, she turned to me and her face was all red and her mouth was open but no breathing or talking! I asked if she was choking and she could not answer me! I yelled at dh that she was choking and yanked her out of the booth, at this point she was limp. My husband grabbed her and did the hymlich (sp?) it took three thrusts before the chunk of chicken flew out followed by the contents of her stomach! She started breathing and then crying, the best sound I've ever heard! I just hugged her there in the middle of TGIFridays bawling my eyes out! I'm crying now thinking about it! 5 minutes later she was totally fine, eating her meal and acting like her goofy self, I was/am still shaking!

Thankfully my husband takes CPR classes a couple times a year (he works in the saftey and environmental department of his company) and knows what to do. I know how to do it, but it's been years since I've had a refresher. I'm going to sign up for one asap.

If you have not taken a class, do so before it is too late! Go hug your children!


kim & co. said...

Oh my gosh! Glad she's okay--that is one of my nightmares. And even though I used to take refreshers every year (I was a lifeguard/swim instructor all through college), its been quite a few years and I panic at the thought that I might not remember when I need it most. I think I'll go sign up for a refresher as well!

MyRibbonFix said...

I am so glad she is alright. I had to do that one time but it was an adult. I can't imagine doing it on my child!

Wendy said...
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Punky N Munky said...

Thank you!! I'm more relaxed today, but I'll never forget it!